Wish list

Dear Santa this Christmas I would like to get:

1. A new computer and phone. Phone should be pink. Of course.
2. Some new jewelry would be nice. At least the rings are very welcome.
3. I know I’m a fool, but I would again like a new perfume. It seems to me that Juho has already bought me one. Hih.
4. If I haven’t already told you, I will tell you now. I love books and reading! So i would like to get a good book, so i can read it on the christmas holiday.
5. I don’t mind if I could get something lovely decoration stuff. Though I’m not sure where to put them ..
6. Do I need this even explain? Chocolate is part of christmas as much as the christmas roast. Nam.

And ps. I know that I have really bad English, so do not bother to correct my language mistakes. :-)
photos: weheartit